Blair Burton

I'm Blair; I design and develop applications.


Hey! I am a hopefully soon to be Software Engineering student interested in Application design and development. I began super young when I was 14 making basic websites using notepad and HTML, and today I like to develop software lined with my interests like Cryptography, Gaming, and 'out of the ordinary stuff'. I then moved on to designing & developing increasingly difficult websites and learned JavaScript. This set me onto more functional & object oriented programming. Over the years I have taken many classes on JavaScript, Java, and C#. And have taken on interests in Golang and robotics.

In August 2017, I took went to Sweden as an exchange student with AFS. I studied over 11 months. When I get back I plan to hopefully begin my Bachelors in Software Engineering.


Openside Website

I did this project for a project in Level 1 Digital Media and Design class

Repository Live Exemplar


A web app for people to manage their table-top game campaigns and characters.

This project is sadly in beginner stages as I work out what backend I want to use as well as whether I want the application to be a website or app.

Mountain Startpage

A super simple startpage that displays the time and date, as well as a random welcome message.

Repository Live Readme


This website was made using HTML and CSS. I took inspiration from my old website.

Repository Live